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No, not The Resurrection, but a resurrection nonetheless.


After a nearly three year hiatus, I’ve decided to bring Gut Critters back online.

Why? For a number of reasons.

First, because I got irritated at having to print out posts from my own archives for friends, acquaintances and family to read when it would be much simpler to just point them to a URL and let the wonders of the internet do its ‘thang’.

Secondly, my old posts are as relevant now as when I wrote them. Gut and digestive problems are still plaguing millions, and much of the advice offered to deal with these issues are often wrongheaded and downright dangerous. Better they read what I’ve written here then blindly follow some dubious advice.

Finally, I got tired of running across websites plagiarizing my content without proper attribution. You know who you are and I fully intend to protect my copyrighted material so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

As to whether I’ll be resuming an active blog schedule remains to be seen. Assuming I do get around to posting again, previous subscribers will need to resubscribe as I did not keep any of your email addresses from before the 2016 take down.

References to my defunct line of probiotics and prebiotics have been expunged to prevent any confusion from people visiting here for the first time. I’ve also deleted any references to the closed Gut Critters Facebook group to avoid the same.

All the best,




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