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This a just a quick post to point you to Anthony Colpo’s demolition of the latest red meat study. Vintage Colpo and well worth the read.

Before I give you the link, let me just say that “studies” like this are extremely harmful to public health. They lull people into believing that if they reduce or cut red meat from their diet, all will be well. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This theory cannot possibly explain why heart attacks increase after bouts of heavy drinking or afflict smokers or why tooth and gum diseases are consistently associated with elevated heart-disease risk. Drinking or smoking or oral diseases do not increase TMAO or carnitine plasma levels. Nor does stress, impaired thyroid function or low antioxidant status, three other well-known risk factors for heart disease.

Unlike the TMAO/carnitine hypothesis, metabolic endotoxemia can account for all observed phenomena. Not only that, it can account for type 2 diabetes and fatty liver, two medical conditions highly associated with heart attacks.

I explained why metabolic endotoxemia is the cause of cardiovascular problems in my series on heart disease. If you missed it, you can access part one here.

Cutting red meat out of your diet will do f**k all for gut dysbiosis and the endotoxemia that inevitably flows from it. Just as millions of people continue to suffer heart attacks after cutting saturated fat and cholesterol intake, millions more will continue to suffer this life-threatening disease after cutting out red meat. And the reason is because eliminating these foods has nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with correcting gut dysbiosis.

You can read Anthony’s excellent post here.

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