This is a short post to alert you to an email I received from Anthony Colpo about his new book on whole grains. I’ve just finished reading it and highly recommend that my readers download their free copy from I’ve copied Anthony’s email below, and as requested, left a five-star review on that website.


Anthony Finally Releases a New Book – and it’s Yours FREE!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

the last time I released a brand new book, George W Bush was still president, Apple had only just released something called the “iPhone”, and Justin Bieber was still in elementary school.

Yep, it’s been a while.

And so I am delighted to finally announce the release of my latest, brand spanking new book titled …


Whole Grains, Empty Promises: The Surprising Truth About the World’s Most Overrated ‘Health’ Food.

The book is available right now in Kindle format, and soon to be released in both paperback and Audiobook versions.

Now, I’m fully aware that some of you cynical types may be thinking, yeah, Colpo’s just plugging his latest book so he can make some money.


Shame on you!

Because if you go to Amazon before or on March 3 (US Time), you can get the book for FREE.

Yes, FREE.

Normally, shoestring budget types like me can’t afford to give away free stuff, except to my dog, who gets more freebies than a med student (although his freebies don’t have ‘Lipitor’ logos on them).

So be sure to take advantage of this momentous occasion by getting your cyber butt over to Amazon before March 3 and grabbing a copy of Whole Grains, Empty Promises.

Before I give you the link, I just have one wee small request:

If you like the book, and think your fellow humans would benefit from the exhaustively researched and thoroughly referenced information that sprouts forth from its wonderfully entertaining pages, then a glowing, positive, gushing 5-star review at Amazon would be very much appreciated. Four stars will also arouse much gratitude deep in the cockles of my heart, but 3 stars or less and I send out “The Squad”, a trio of very large blokes who always wear black, never smile, have chunky skull rings adorning every finger, and owe me a favour or three. Hey, just kidding. Maybe.

Seriously, my marketing budget is non-existent, so all positive reviews really are appreciated.

Anyway, regardless, enjoy the book! Remember, download it before March 3. After that, it starts selling for US $2.99.

Here’s the link:

Whole Grains, Empty Promises: The Surprising Truth About the World’s Most Overrated ‘Health’ Food

Oh, and before anyone writes to say “But Anthony, I don’t have a Kindle!” … you don’t need a Kindle device to read Kindle books. If you’re furrowing your brow right now and wondering how this could possibly be, just click the link below and you’ll see that you can download Amazon’s Kindle for PC … again, for FREE.

[For those of you on Macs, that download link is here]

Yep, two freebies in one post … don’t ever say I don’t ever do anything for you!

As the name suggests, Kindle for PC allows you to freely read Kindle ebooks on your laptop, desktop, even a mountain top if you can get a wireless connection going.

Alright, time to go take Ramone the Studliest Dog in the World to the beach (wants to work on his golden tan some more before summer draws to a close), so I’m outta here.

Enjoy the book,



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